About OnlineGaming.Community

The Online Gaming Community is immersion personified.

For over 12 years, this community has lasted the test of time – providing competitive but casual leagues for all the major soccer simulation video games from PES4 to FIFA 14 to PES2016.

The Online Gaming Community is now entering it’s 12th year in existence. We truly are the ultimate community based console gaming website. What started as an online community and subsequent online league system for Pro Evolution 4 on the original xBox has grown and evolved into what it has become today.

Our FIFA league has been running since way back in FIFA 09. Each season starts by voting on a star rating and we have a random draw to determine the teams. We play 2-3 fixtures a week as well as a cup competition on top. We also run our own Pro Club which has competed in both FVPA and FIFAClubChamps leagues over the years. We don’t take ourselves quite as seriously as those who recruit and practice, but we hold our own and have good fun!

We’ve recently opened up a PES league, having not played it since way back in PES2008. However with the games return to form we felt it was time to bring it back. We started with a MyClub league with no real restrictions, but we may be looking to run a league more like FIFA with balanced and even teams in the future. Fixtures are again 2-3 per week.

We are not just limited to football however. We’ve got a Project Cars championship running, where we meet once a week and thrash some cars around the track. This has been a small championship of about 6-8 players, but we are looking to expand and get a full grid together. This is a great opportunity to have fair races where no one deliberately crashes into you or drives like an idiot.

Our other games, which are run between members but not necessarily displayed on the website, are Madden and GTA. Madden has a full on connected franchise in which we have a dozen players and plenty of room for more. Finally we have a GTA crew who cause mayhem online, albeit mostly to each other. We don’t have specific times to play, just whenever the mood strikers. Shooting, driving, flying, we do it all… badly!

The important thing about all of these games is that we do it for fun. Sure it’s competitive, but what separates us is our community spirit and the fact we don’t play the win at all cost style you typically have to face online. So get involved today and get registered!