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Ethan vs Dazza – PES Spotlight

Best friends and enemies, Ethan and Dazza, this week came head-to-head in their first season on PES.  Also in their first competitive match against one another on the newest form of the community, OGC, the stakes are high with both currently occupying positions within the top three spots in Division One.  Both players were interviewed before the match in order to see how confident they were of securing a result.




How do you feel your season has gone so far?


Dazza – “Certainly better than I expected, having not ever previously owned a PES title.  Despite pre-season concerns of others and my own, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna keep my head above water and survive. Hopefully my good start to the season has helped to shake my previous tag of being one of the worst players on the site.”


Ethan – “I feel like it’s one of my best starts in the community, probably the best start I have ever had. I have managed to beat players of pedigree so far in Flux and DT, so I don’t think it could have gone any better.  On top of this I also have a 100% record in my four games so far.”


Considering your strong starts compared to your pre-season relegation predictions, do you now feel that you are in a title race?


Ethan – “If I remain unbeaten after the halfway stage of the season, then I think I’m in a title race. Frankly, it’s still too early to judge, I may have just played four easier opponents. That said, you have got to be in it to win it and as things stand I’m certainly in it.”


Dazza – “No, I don’t think I’m in a title race. Don’t get me wrong, I think a top four finish is certainly in my grasps but there are better opponents out there and some decent players I’ve yet to come up against in the likes of DT, Flux and Osabamark.”


What about the League Cup, have you a chance of success there?


Dazza – “Yes, I think I have more of a chance in the cup than the league as my inconsistency won’t be punished as much.  I am in the tougher side of the draw but I’ve progressed through two rounds despite coming up against difficult opponents.  Having made the quarter finals I have every chance but I have to get past DT, Ethan and Bruninhuh in order to win the silverware. Tricky to say the least.”


Ethan – “Yes, I have.  I have beaten DT in the league and he is in my half of the bracket. I can beat Dazza on my day. I already pretty much demolished a guy with an unblemished record in the league below. It’s true that anything can happen in cup football, but I certainly have a chance considering my strong league start.”


Where do you think the other former member of broFL will finish?


Ethan – “Having currently played only one of the top six in the league, it is difficult to say whether Dazza can keep his form going, which has been nothing short of excellent.  Despite having started so well, his goal difference is pretty rough.  Knowing his play style from experience, his defence has improved.  Yet, he needs to prove it against the big boys, putting the ball into the opponent’s net more than picking it out from his own. A top four finish is certainly on, and a finish possibly as high as a runner up spot is achievable, but the title looks to be beyond him.”


Dazza – “I think Ethan is certainly in the title race, in fact, for me it’s a two horse race between him and Bruninhuh.  As much as they’re both massive c***s and Ethan would never shut the f**k up about winning a trophy on this site, let alone a Division One title, I’d rather him than that other prick.  Having played Ethan in pre-season friendlies, I feel that Hull are a good fit for him and I would genuinely be shocked if he didn’t win one of the two competitions up for grabs.”


Who else should we watch out for?


Dazza – “I haven’t played DT or Flux on PES yet but I feel the league may beyond them because of their poor starts in comparison to the early pace setters. Of the new boys I have only really been impressed by Bruninhuh, but frankly he doesn’t deserve to win any silverware because of his poor attitude and failure to take blame for sweaty play. If I could have anyone win the title rather than Ethan or Bruninhuh, point me in their direction and I’ll pay handsomely.”


Ethan – “Obviously, Bruninhuh is decent. His goals scored tally is staggering, scoring an average of 3 goals per game is nothing short of dangerous. However, I haven’t played him yet, so he is still a bit of an unknown quantity. My defence is my best asset, if I beat him I think the league is in my hands. To be honest, Dazza is not a bad shout of the remaining teams. Flux is normally up there but he has had a poor start, so the damage may be irreversible. Ratty has a chance if he starts stringing some wins together.”


What does this game mean to you?


Ethan – “I would say that this is my biggest game of the season. I may not win either silverware I’m going for, but I’ll be happy if I get six points from my games against Dazza. Looking over our previous fixtures, despite Dazza’s playoffs win, I have dominated him on aggregate.  Therefore, I would expect a heavy aggregate win over the two games this season, especially considering I am unstoppable when Hull get firing and he has no Bafetimbi Gomis to save him.  Frankly, I’m getting a boner just thinking about my inevitable victory.”


Dazza – “More than I want to let on. Ethan, if given the opportunity, will remind you of his previous two different 6-1 victories over me in the history of this community.  Although, I do remember beating him over two legs in the playoffs once which was the biggest tie we ever played so perhaps building up the pressure will result in a case of hashtag headgone. He has been fortunate in past fixtures between us, so it’s about time I cashed in on some luck.”


Considering your history against the other player do you think that you will come out on top?


Dazza – “Surprisingly we are both appearing to be frontrunners on PES as opposed to both displaying mediocrity on FIFA. I am chuffed it appears we both will be cementing our places in Division One. That said, he really is owed a smashing in one of these games. Unfortunately, having won all four of his matches on OGC since switching to PES, I am fully aware that this is a huge task to walk away with anything. However, I am more difficult to break down and I am confident of getting a point. Ethan as Hull could smash any opponent, but I have what others don’t… revenge on my mind.”


Ethan – “Although on OFL my history against Dazza was often victory, although I dominated Dazza in our FIFA history in uncompetitive fixtures, Dazza has the ability to both attack and defend on PES. This game is uncertain with form and history going out of the window going into this fixture.”


Any last words before kick-off?


Ethan – “Mbokani’s gonna get ya. Good luck, bitch.”


Dazza – “Please lube me up before you f**k me.”




Both sides lined up with a 4-3-3 formation, throwing caution to the wind, hoping to outscore their opponent.  The game begun very quickly, with the first goal coming in the opening few minutes of play.  The visitors Bournemouth, controlled by Dazza, launched their first attack putting pressure on the Hull defence.  Robert Snodgrass dallied on the ball in his own six-yard box, clearing tamely.  Josh King intercepted the pass before cooly slotting home to put Dazza 1-0 up very early on.


The lead did not last long however.  A lovely through ball was played from the left wing through to the feet of Meyler.  He hit the ball well, but Artur Boruc saved.  However, the skilled feet of Mbokani were waiting.  After outstrengthening Steve Cook, he put the ball into the net past the desperate keeper. Ethan pulled level, 1-1.


More action was to come in the first half however, with Mbokani again proving to be a handful.  After having broken through the last line of defence, the striker was chopped down in the box by a clumsy tackle from Tyrone Mings.  Not only was a penalty given to the home team, but Mings was given his marching orders. Red Card.


Robert Snodgrass was the man trusted to see the deed be completed.  He stepped up and shot to the bottom right corner.  SAVED!  Boruc met the tame effort with little trouble and the game remained level.  Bournemouth were forced to go more defensively after losing a man, and brought on Charlie Daniels to replace Max Gradel.


The second half started with intensity and Hull had the better chances of the two teams to take the lead.  That said, Bournemouth were testing David Marshall with some decent efforts from range.


Struggling to deal with the attacking onslaught of the home team, Bournemouth made a second sub, bringing on Dan Gosling to replace Jordon Ibe.


Only three minutes later, another controversial decision was made by the referee.  Adam Smith, covering for his centre back, put in a tackle to stop an advancing David Meyler.  A yellow card was awarded, although it was the second card awarded to Smith. A second red card for Bournemouth.


Two more chances were left to come.  The first saw Robert Snodgrass fail to meet a peach of a cross where he was surely favourite to make the score 2-1 to the home team.  The final chance came in the 90th minute when Callum Wilson could only graze the ball from an almost identical cross. Bournemouth could have honestly walked away with all three points despite losing two men to red cards and having saved a penalty.  The final score of 1-1 saw both teams leave with a share of the spoils.  Josh King of Bournemouth was awarded the Man of the Match prize.




What is your initial response to the result?


Dazza – “I ended up being a lot more nervous than I had expected to be going into that match.  That probably explains the dodgy defending, e.g. the two reds and conceding a penalty. I did speak before the game about riding luck and guess I did that to some extent. However, I could have won the game and I managed to stop Ethan’s 100% record. That result gives me confidence moving forwards.”


Ethan – “I’m not going to lie, there’s a hint of disappointment. Having a penalty and facing 9 men, any other day I should have gone on to win. Missing the penalty was the turning point. I played almost 45 minutes against less men. However, Dazza did still have chances to win. As much as I had chances to win myself, I’m not upset to draw. My unbeaten run remains.”


Was it a deserved result?


Ethan – “Yes I think so.  Dazza’s goal was my mistake. Missing the penalty was my mistake. The reality is that one of those two events not happening would have changed the result to a win. I only have myself to blame, Dazza held out and made the most of the two situations. I’m frustrated but it’s deserved.”


Dazza – “I believe so yes. Don’t get me wrong, Ethan had chances to win, but he didn’t take them. I also had chances to win and I didn’t take them. On the whole, it didn’t feel like I had less men on the pitch and I think Ethan would agree a point is a fair result.”


What about the rest of your season now, has it changed anything?


Dazza –  “Not particularly. I probably had to win in order to be included in the title race. Ethan showed that he is one of the best on the site and certainly has the chance to go on and win some silverware. So to match him, considering my handicap (both my syndrome and my red cards), is a huge positive. I’ll take more from that result than he will which says a lot about our chances for success.  Finishing in the top four is still my aim.”


Ethan – “No.  I expect Dazza to come third and I have got a draw out of him. I know in the reverse fixture I can win.  I definitely had the better of the chances. If I take them in future I will come out and I will win. I expect it to be between me and Bruninhuh due to his results so far. I have had the harder start than him so I would say the title is currently in my hands. No matter what happens I expect a top two finish.”


Finally, if you had to put your house on it, who will win the title?


Ethan – “Bruninhuh, because I’d lose on purpose in order to cash in.”


Dazza – “I’m going to say Bruninhuh.  If I say Ethan, he’ll take his foot off the pedal and finish second. The opportunity not only to brag if he wins, but to rub it in my face that I’m wrong about my prediction, will be enough to carry him to success.”

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