Fin84 & Fin88 face off in the third week of the OGC Season 1 for FIFA 17


We are already two weeks and potentially four games into the first FIFA 17 season on OGC, yet a clear trend is starting to show already in the table. Early signs suggest Fran could be in for a good season, despite multiple controversies already, with both Shepy and his brother ScottShep looking resurgent after a poor FIFA 16 and Matt alongside them. Early strugglers appear to be Chris, who came 2nd in the previous season (his first back on the site) and DT who although having played just two game,s is yet to pick up points. Crossy also appears in for a tough season.

However two teams whos chances can’t be judged yet are the Finbow brothers. Finbow1984 has drawn, won and lost one whilst his brother is without points, however with just one game played. This game will mainly be about bragging rights, but could also prove to be an important game for both of their seasons.


Finbow1984: DWL

Finbow88: L

Fin84 started the season off with a draw at home to Natboy’s Hamburg. Both sides missed many chances although Fin84 claimed that Natboy had the better of the Basque side. He then followed it up with a win against Flux. This shouldnt be overlooked as Flux has many a time challenged for the title on the site meaning three points is perfect for the Spaniards. However they then stumbled, losing against Chris who had previously claimed he couldn’t see points coming from anywhere and that he felt relegation was on the cards after three successive defeats. Could this change the momentum for a team and a manager who has little practice on 1v1, preferring to play Clubs instead.

Fin88 is pointless this season after one game. However if was against site Veteran Matt who never seems to have an off season and always pushes for the title. Therefore a 2-0 defeat to strong Turkish champions Beşiktaş should not be too disheartening.


Real Sociedad  are definitely a strong team although there are some glaring weaknesses.  Prieto, the natural right winger is lacking on the most important stat in the game, pace, with just 55 and therefore can hold plays back. The same can be said for starting CB, Gonzales who has 33! However despite this and some players downgrade in stats lately, Martinez, the other CB is clearly a key player. Despite being just 5’11, he  is quick, strong and mobile and with his form promoting him to 83 rated, he is one to watch. As is Carlos Vela. The Mexican can play upfront but prefers to play wider when possible, could he be a game changer?

Krasnodar are more of an unknown prospect. The Russians, who appear to be in poor form, have experienced but immobile Granqvist at the back and fast, strong striker Smolov upfront who appears to be a key player for the side. Mamaev and Joaozinho could also be crucial for the side.


Overall, this appears to be a close contest with both managers appearing to be of a similar skill level this year with the teams not too dissimilar. However, simply because Real Sociedad appear to have a slight advantage over Krasnodar, particularly in marquee players, I’m going for a narrow win for the away side,although this could go either way.

Krasnodar 1-2 Sociedad

A special mention should also be given to another game this week, Choosy vs Fran Bron. Two players who don’t hold back and have had several clashes in the past, Choosy will be desperate to get the first goal because if not, Diego Lopes could see a lot of the ball at his feet and so will the other Espanyol defenders as Fran seems to do like playing ”tiki taka” whilst ahead. Fireworks could happen in this game if previous games are anything to go by.

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  1. Dazza

    fantastic article natboy! good to see some content going up on the site, and not just any stuff but a real decent piece.

    kind of lost touch with what’s going on with fifa but I know fin88 has the chance of a title if he can be consistent enough. Which will fuck him off even more if Craig wins, so I’ve got to root for finbow1984.

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