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FIFA Leagues – Mid Season Review

We’re now just past half way in both Division One and Two and there is plenty to play for in both! I shall now take you through the season thus far and make some bold, yet probably inaccurate predictions.


Let’s start with Division One where Fran_Bron sits top of the pile after 10 of his 14 games. If you take off a pooled draw with Finbow88, he’s actually won all of his games. There has been a bit of controversy over his way of keeping the ball once in front. Choosy claimed deliberate time wasting, while others say he’s staying just on the right side of the moral line. At this stage of proceedings it’s hard to see anyone else toppling the league leader before the end. Perhaps the only hope was if Matt beat him, but that game wasn’t played in time and Fran got a 1-0 default win.


Sitting in perhaps a surprise 2nd place is Finbow1984 with 20 points from 9 games. His season has been a strange one so far. He has lost to the bottom two players in Chris and Crossy in the cup, yet beat high flying Matt on the same night! He still has Fran_Bron to play, so if he has any hopes of winning the title he will have to take all 3 points from that one. I expect Fran to be pretty cautious and play for the draw which leaves him in a probably fight for 2nd with Matt.


Speak of the devil, Matt is next in 3rd place, having picked up 19 points from the opening 9 games. A defeat to Finbow1984 and a pooled loss to Fran_Bron has really put a dent in any title challenge, but he’ll want to finish as high as possible still.


Below the title challengers at the top comes Shepy. A bit like Finbow1984, I think this might come as a surprise to some people. He picked a low rated Newcastle side, but their good form in real life makes them more than competitive against the other higher rated teams in the league. Good scoring form has perhaps been let down slightly by his defensive record, having conceded as many as the 3 players above him combined. Still I think Shepy will be very happy with his season thus far and will gladly take a top 4 finish if he can get it.


Snapping at his heels with a couple of games in hand is DT with the mighty Milan. An erratic season thus far by his own standards, if he wins his games in hand he might be able to force his way up into the top 3 by the end of the season. On the flip side however, 3 points less and he could be as low as 9th! It’s pretty tight in the middle of the table with plenty of people vying for a top half finish. Expect DT to remain in the top half, but I think on current form a top 3 spot might be beyond reach.


Natboy comes next a point behind. His season certainly hasn’t been boring having seen 36 goals from 8 games. Unfortunately that goals against column is really preventing him from mounting a serious challenge. He’s got 4 players sitting behind him, all within 3 points so he needs to find a way to shut up shop if he wants to stay ahead of the chasing pack.


Just about scraping into the top half of the table is PES admin Flux. Struggling to find any consistency this season, he’s got a 3/2/3 record thus far. His defensive record is solid but not enough goals being scored to fire himself into a better position. Unfortunately 3 pooled games already isn’t helping his cause. Can’t win anything without playing the fixtures!


Behind him and right in the middle sits Finbow88. Something of a draw specialist this season with 5 from his 8 games so far. Again 3 pooled games this season, although the one against Sharkey remains a mystery thanks to completely different stories from each. I’m not sure his team are much good in the form of Krasnador but I for one was expecting a higher finish here.


On the same number of points as both Flux and Finbow88 is Scottshep. In clubs terms he is referred to as the less shit one, but it seems in 1v1, his twin brother has him beat! Scott won his first two games of the season but since then only a pooled win over quitter Choosy has seen him sliding down the table. I fear he could be on a slippery slope towards relegation if he’s not careful.


The last of the mid table players is Sharkey. Controversial results this season you might say as there have been claims of posting times and not playing games because of VFL. Whatever the case, there are a few pooled games to his name and some less than impressive results to back them up. He’s only 4 points ahead of those at the bottom, so he’ll need to make more effort to get games done if he wants to survive!


Now we reach the players who really are in trouble! First we have Spurs Ben whose form is only slightly better than his Project Cars driving. Our resident vBookie expert will have to defy the odds a bit if he wants to climb the table. Watford have plenty of fire power in Deeney and Ighalo but a lack of goals so far is proving a real problem for him.


Level on points with Ben but with a poor goal difference is Mikey. Only two wins from his 8 games so far, of which one was a pooled 1-0 over Choosy. He’s really struggling to find goals with only 2 to his name so far. I keep waiting for Chris to pick up on form and I have a feeling he could leapfrog Mikey before the end, putting him into the bottom three!


Some fool made Chris the vBookie favourite pre-season. Having almost won the league in the final season of FIFA16, I don’t think anyone would have expected him to be sitting this far down the league. Whether it’s the new game or his team that doesn’t agree with him I don’t know, but Chris is now in genuine danger of finishing in the bottom three. He has the most goals of anyone in the bottom half but is conceding at an alarming rate. Perhaps a shift to a more defensive approach could save him late on?


Crossy has the same number of points as Chris with 6. A pooled with over Flux and Sharkey have put him into contention to survive. His goal difference is almost like -1 points but he still has a 1-0 pooled win over Choosy to come. Survival might not be impossible you know!


At the bottom is league quitter Choosy who had a child like tantrum after losing to Fran_Bron and quit the league. There were claims of unsporting play in the match but when asked for evidence, none was forthcoming. 1-0 wins for all!



After a total reboot, Division Two is now under way and up to the half way stage.


Right at the top is Will, with an impressive 6 wins out of 6 so far. Given the small size of this league, he’s played almost everyone already, so expect him to win most of the return games as well. It looks unlikely at this stage that he won’t be promoted as Division Two winner.


A full 6 points behind him and on 8 games is Damian. He’s made no secret that he hates his team but after a poor start he seems to be picking things up! At this stage I think TJ is likely to overhaul him with games in hand, but 3rd place is very much up for grabs here and I’m sure he’ll want to take it.


Y9lex only came in during week 3 to replace Grundlebug and has already played more games than everyone except Damian. That doesn’t reflect very well on the others, but at least Y9lex has proved to be an active replacement. On top of that his form so far has been decent. Those below him have games in hand, but I think he’ll still be fighting for 3rd spot with Damian and Jed come the end.


In forth spot but only on 5 games is TallJamie. It looked initially like he might be the favourite for the title, but since then Will has beaten him in a 5-3 epic and opened up a big lead. If he can play his games in hand and catch up I still expect Turny McTurnerson to finish a comfortable 2nd place and return to Division One next season.


Next in the table is Jed85. He too has games in hand on those above him and should bring himself right into contention with Damian and Y9lex behind the top two. His goals scored needs work if he wants to successfully overtake them with only 3 goals in 5 games thus far.


NJameson has had two pooled draws and two defeats so far and he’s yet to score a goal! I’m afraid this form and lack of goal scoring threat makes it unlikely to climb the table in the remaining games. Who knows though, a turn in form is still possible. Given the size of the league you only need to gain a few places to move from bottom half to top 3.


Similarly MightyQuinn has also struggled for both points and goals. Two pooled draws have been backed up by four defeats, including a 6-0 hammering from Will. I’m afraid I can’t see a drastic change in form here and it looks unlikely that he’ll be able to force his way into promotion contention.


Bringing up the rear is Michael. It would seem he’s done another one of his disappearing acts but not told anyone. You’d think a former admin would appreciate the importance of communicating your absence to those in charge…


So there we are. Any more and I’ll start getting RSI! As always I ask that people keep up to date and play their games. Some have fallen foul of the two week deadline already so please don’t forget about it. I look forward to a dramatic finish to the season and a renewal of the leagues again for next season.


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  1. Chris

    Great read mate. I just want this season to end lol. As for Fran his style might not be everyone’s cup of tea but you have to give him credit being unbeaten at this stage.

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