Our FIFA league has been running since way back in FIFA 09. In those 6 and a half years we have run over 20 seasons and we’re still going. Our previous websites have all run with the same general structure and rule set which has been refined over time. Each season starts by voting on a star rating and we have a random draw to determine the teams. So for example if the vote is won by a 4 star rating, we take all the 4 star teams and randomly assign them to our league players. We do give people one week to test their teams and swap around with others if they agree. No one wants to be stuck with a team they dislike!

We play 2-3 fixtures a week as well as a cup competition on top. A lot of our members have families and busy jobs, so if you’re looking for a league where 30 games are played in a few weeks, this might not be for you. If however you just want to play a few games against fair and friendly players in your down time, this is the place for you.

We also run our own Pro Club which has competed in both FVPA and FIFAClubChamps leagues over the years. We don’t take ourselves quite as seriously as those who recruit and practice, but we hold our own and have good fun! Our club is only open to league members so we don’t actively recruit people. We also allow anyone who is in the league to take part, regardless of skill.

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