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    New League Plugin

    For FIFA 17 we are planning to change to a new and improved League Plugin for the site. It should allow people to enter their own results, make player stats tracking easier and also make match reports much easier to create.

    I've been working on this in the background for the last few weeks and you can see what it looks like here:

    When we go live that information won't all be squashed onto one page, but you get the general idea. If you scroll down past the league table to the fixture I created, there is a link to the match report on the right hand side.

    I'm looking for some feedback, both positive and negative as I've got a few weeks to tweak it still. I'll let you know if your suggestions are technically possible within the plugin as well.

    Fire away!

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    Re: New League Plugin

    • Known Issues:

      • [li]The player stats/rankings list does not fit on a mobile screen.[/li]
        [li]When entering results, you still have go landscape mode on mobile. This is a Wordpress bug which I doubt I'll ever fix.[/li]
        [li][s]Calendars can only be split per game and not per division. For example PES and FIFA calendars are separate but FIFA D1 and FIFA D2 merge into one calendar.[/s] - Fixed[/li]
        [li][s]Configure calendar to display differently on mobile and desktop[/s] - Fixed[/li]

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    Re: New League Plugin

    Here are some screenshots of the back end and an example of how you'd use it. Starting with result submission.

    You'll now be able to enter your own results and type up your own reports all in one place. You'll see a list of fixtures like the screenshot below:

    If you click on your game you'll see this screen where you can create a match report. Top is the text box for information, below that is an area for entering the score and finally a place to enter the match stats. There is also a video button just off screen and you no longer need embed codes! Just enter the URL of your Youtube video.

    You can see how this report looks when posted here:

    Creating players is much the same as before in that you enter the details in the boxes down the right hand side. However updating them as the season goes on will now be considerably easier:

    Once your players are created, you can edit them all in one go, rather than one at a time. Below you can see the list of divisions and player stats.

    Once you open the division you want, you can see every player in a list(This is a test list of only two players, but imagine more). Just update all the boxes and hit save at the top! No more having to edit them all one at a time.

    Hopefully that gives you an idea of how the process will be streamlined a bit and reports made a bit more jazzy. Proper user guides will be written nearer the time.

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    Re: New League Plugin

    Looks good Matt

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    thank you for this post!

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