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    Looking for Streamers / Commentators

    Hello Online Gaming Community,

    I donít know if this is the right place to do it but we are looking for streamers and commentators for a football online game.
    Itís an european project, a kind of a european federation with a lot of countries from Europe. Itís a new project but with a community with 3000 members. The game is almost arriving to the Steam so we expect a huge grow of members.

    What we want for our Streamers:
    - Being able to broadcast at 720p, 30fps, between 1800 and 2500 Bitrate.
    - Being able to work with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).

    What we want for our Commentators:
    - Being able to speak English.
    - Have some knowledge of Football.

    There wonít be any kind of payment for these works Ė if you like to do one of both, even if you donít have any experience doint it, you are invited to join us. All the interested should contact me on this forum.
    Thanks and waiting for your support.

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    I'm interested let me know

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