Madden has quickly become one of our most popular games within the community. We currently have a 10 man connected franchise which has transitioned from Madden 15 to Madden 16 with each user controlling their favourite team. Teams controlled by users include: Dolphins (Shepy88), Steelers (Alan), Titans (ScottShep), Broncos (MikeyKinnear), Raiders (Iamthestig27), Cowboys (JYD), Packers (Finbow84), Vikings (Finbow88), Saints (Flux64) & 49ers (DT15).

Whether a complete NFL rookie (Alan) or a walking playbook (Finbow88) we all enjoy making those big plays, or in most cases those big hits! On Madden 15 we played for 3 full seasons, with the 49ers (DT15) picking up the inaugural SuperBowl trophy, whilst the Vikings (Finbow88) picked up the next two SuperBowl trophies. On each of these 3 occasions the Dolphins (Shepy88) were on the losing side in the big game.
We have just finished our 2nd season on Madden 16. In season one the Vikings (Finbow88) defeated the Raiders (Iamthestig27) in the SuperBowl.

In season two madden bridesmaid the Dolphins (Shepy88), finally ended their losing SuperBowl streak at the 4th attempt when he defeated the Vikings (Finbow88). As we approach our 3rd season we have an 11th member joining the franchise in Crossy who will make a team selection after this year’s draft, leaving us with 21 spaces for any interested members.

In the latest season Iamthestig27 (Raiders) picked up the Coach of the Year award, whilst QB Teddy Bridgewater from the Vikings (Finbow88) picked up the league MVP award. The 49ers (DT15) were voted as the most valuable franchise with the Cowboys (JYD) & Patriots (CPU) rounding out the top 3. The awards from previous seasons have been lost in time but we will produce a season summary at the end of every year going forward.

Madden Review